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1999 - This Time Tomorrow (Best Of 1992-1995)
This Time Tomorrow - Best Of 1992-1995 [BEAVCD2] Best-of collection featuring both live and studio recordings, including songs from the very first gig in 1992 up to the final 1994 recording of Built On A Landslide, and a track from the farewell gig in 1995.

1 This Time Tomorrow [E.P. version]
2 Built On A Landslide
3 The Web You Weave [live]
4 Hurt You The First Time
5 Temperance [live]
6 Desolate Moon
7 One And The Same
8 Stomp! [live]
9 King Of July
10 Got The People [live]
11 Words Unspoken
12 One Temptation [live]
13 Nowheresville
14 Radar [live]
15 She Gets Me
16 The Last Mistake [live]
17 Toybox
18 Pretty Green [live]

Chances R

1994 - Raindancing (Live DVD/Video)
Raindancing (Live Video) [BEAVID002] Live DVD/video recorded at the Mauretania, Bristol, December 1993. Features mostly newer Chances R songs plus backstage footage from the (short-lived) period when the band were re-named After The Rain. Filmed by Graham Jones for Video Media Productions.

You can watch all 12 songs here.

1 Desolate Moon
2 The Web You Weave
3 King Of July
4 Never Felt Like This Before
5 The Last Mistake
6 Sunburning
7 Got The People
8 Words Unspoken
9 Temperance
10 Built On A Landslide
11 One Temptation
12 Big Black Sky

Chances R

1993 - Bristol U.K.
Bristol U.K. [BEAVCD1] The band's debut album recorded mainly at Mr Grin Productions, Bristol between January and April 1993. Includes remixed versions of the three tracks that appeared on the This Time Tomorrow E.P. Produced by Chances R & Mick Ward. Engineered by Mick Ward. Mixed by Mick Ward, Phil Golf & Chances R. Released on the band's own 'label'.

1 This Time Tomorrow
2 Hurt You The First Time
3 King Of July
4 Nowheresville
5 Toybox
6 Kingpit
7 The Right Location
8 She Gets Me
9 Words Unspoken
10 One And The Same
11 This Time Tomorrow
    ['Malooga' mix]

Chances R

1992 - All The Stuff And Live
All The Stuff And Live Mammoth 23-song live 'bootleg' compilation featuring the band's entire catalogue of original material up until the end of 1992. One hundred copies were given away free to the band's following over Christmas 1992 as a thank-you for their continued support throughout 1992.

1 This Time Tomorrow
2 Soul In Motion
3 Up Here Before
4 City Of Gold
5 Worldscene
6 Staring At clouds
7 Hurt You The First Time
8 She Gets Me
9 Can't Say No
10 Temperance
11 Stomp!
12 Here Today
13 Running Away With My Heart
14 Toybox
15 One And The Same
16 King Of July
17 Do Something High
18 New
19 The Big Push
20 Nowheresville
21 The Right Location
22 Radar
23 Wishing It Out

Chances R

1992 - This Time Tomorrow E.P.
This Time Tomorrow E.P. Chances R's first official release, recorded in May 1992 at G-Nome Zone, Bristol with Phil Golf as co-producer and engineer. These songs were later remixed for inclusion on the Bristol U.K. album (see above) although the original E.P. version of This Time Tomorrow was used for the Best-Of compilation that appeared in 1999, owing to it 'capturing the moment' more successfully than the remix. Only 500 copies of this E.P. were ever made.

1 This Time Tomorrow
2 Toybox
3 Hurt You The First Time

Chances R

1992 - L.A. Live E.P.
L.A. Live E.P. An 'official bootleg' E.P. featuring 4 songs recorded live at Chances R's debut gig at Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol, on February 29, 1992. This was the only gig where the band appeared as a three-piece (Roy Harrill joined 3 months later). The front-of-house recording was made by Pete Jennings, who later went on to join the band as keyboardist.

1 Here Today
2 City Of Gold
3 The Right Location
4 Stomp!

Chances R

1991 - Worldscene E.P.
Worldscene E.P. The very first Chances R recording, made on a four-track at the tail end of 1991. Recorded in Room 4, Mr Grin Productions, Bristol and various front rooms over a two week spell, capturing 4 of the earliest Chances R songs in gritty ferric splendour! Not generally released to the public.

1 Here Today
2 City Of Gold
3 Toybox
4 Worldscene
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