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(Jason Allen - 1991)

"Life's a bitch and then you die..."
He shouted as he fell from the sky
Six miles down and going strong
He never did get to fall
(No, he ain't gonna make it)

One for them and it's three for me
Stupid world - stupid scene
One for them and it's all for me
This is a worldscene

And there's a room that's full of boxes
Inside a room that's full of trees
And the building sits in the crucible
While they throw matches at their feet
Sitting in petrol

The down stairs don't quite make it
The lift is falling short
And down inside the liftshaft
There's another being caught

Someone with a box of mirrors
Someone with the cash
Making off for the hideaway
With the things they shouldn't have
(No, you're never gonna need that)

This is a worldscene...

© 1991 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"This was our Carter USM-style song - really punked out here. I remember shredding my voice to pieces on the night we wrote this. It was inspired by the whole Robert Maxwell thing, that deception and how it only came to the public eye after the event - hence the line about a box of mirrors. We re-invented this song as a calypso/reggae thing later on but I always thought the original was better."

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