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(Jason Allen - 1991)

Hear me now, you gotta see me now
You gotta know me know to be with it
Speak out loud, why can't we work it out?
We should be with it now to be near it

Don't keep on apologising
If you did you'd be so vague

Stomp it baby, huh!
Stomp it baby, huh!
Stomp it baby, huh!

Watch me now, why won't you heal me now?
Why won't you face me now that it's over
Open my eyes but I haven't the sight
I cannot face the fight or be a killer

© 1991 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"I will always rememeber the faces of the crowd when we played this at our first gig. Everyone was beaming from ear to ear. We used to play it right at the end because it was totally different to the rest of the set. It's about wanting your partner to finish off the relationship because you're too scared to do it yourself. It was pretty fitting that this was the last song we ever played live. Stomp, as in stamp it out."

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