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Chances R >> Staring At Clouds
(Jason Allen - 1991)

She's cold, she's cold and lonely
She's staring still at clouds
At sky, at sun
Now she feels she's warmer now

And she's hearing all the voices
That the others cannot here
Or see, or feel
Now she's tearing it all down
All down...

Chance upon the lost again
We fall upon the found
She's staring still at clouds - we see her
Wondering what it's all about

Beautiful dreaming
Reality's reasoning
Keeping the feelings
In the ones that care to lose them
Beautiful dreaming, beautiful dreaming

She's warm
She's warm and detatched from fear
She's staring still at clouds
At sky, at sun
Now there's warmth in everything she touches

© 1991 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"This was one of the only songs that I'd written prior to Chances R that we used. I wrote it at Phil's (Jones - Age Of Silence bassist) place on a battered old acoustic and got a rough recording on cassette. The words are about those moments when you just stop and think to yourself 'what the hell am I doing here?'. It's written about a girl but it applies to anyone."

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