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Chances R >> The Big Push
(Jason Allen - 1991)

Ten years and six months and
Three weeks and two days and
Pockets full of hope
And a burning kind of dream

And it's two nights and six hours and
A dozen hearts and replacement parts and
Pictures full of pride
And a burning kind of vision (we go...)

I'm ready - I'm ready for the big push
I'm ready baby - I'm ready for the big push

Three wishes are, four chances are
All pushing for the big dream
With eyes full of sights
And a burning kind of memory (we go...)

© 1991 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"I wrote this about the band and how it had been so long since the early days of making music. Everyone in Chances R was really hyped up in the first year - we felt like we would rule the world eventually. We dropped this song quite early on but it summed up that early feeling of enthusiasm and eagerness."

Chances R

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