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(Jason Allen - 1993)

You only want me 'cause I breathe - I can't stop
You only push me 'til I see - I have not
You only dance the seething beat - I get shot
You only force the blind retreat - get this out of me

It's there in everything you do
But you're too blind to notice, blind to notice...

I'm waiting for the everything
I'm looking for the lost emotion
I'm waiting for the next of me
Here hiding from the one temptation

I only cry because I'm me - that won't change
I'm not the last one to believe - it won't gain
I only fight to set me free - not my chains
Won't be the last to catch the dream - get me out of it

It's there in everything we do
But we're too blind to notice, blind to notice...

You've got me here again
One more time you caught me falling
Can't be I'm losing space
Inside of me the outside's calling

One temptation, one temptation
One temptation, one temptation

© 1993 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"Our swansong. I'd started playing guitar in the writing sessions again by this stage and I seem to remember trying to make the start of it sound like Purple Rain. We ended the whole 5-piece line-up adventure with this song at the Ropewalk in Bristol - the gig where we cast off the arena aspirations and got back to basics. On the Raindancing video, Paul's bass strap falls off and he finishes the song by holding the bottom E string, bass around his knees. That was Paul's moment. The words are about trying hard to break habits but finding that new ones take their place."

Chances R - One Temptation (Live)
Live at Bristol Mauretania, December 1993.

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