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Chances R >> The Web You Weave
(Jason Allen - 1993)

You don't know me
You've never been close enough
You could throw me
If I ever stayed that close above

Can you show me?
You never did look enough
Far below me
I'll never be that high above

She was a new beginnng
I left it at the start and ran
Show me a new beginning
I'll hold you like I had the chance to love you
Hold you like I have the chance
To show you I feel love
In the web you weave, I'm caught up, up...
In the web you weave

So how do I stop from falling?
I just catch the one who's calling
I believe I take it all in
But then I don't know the rest of it

And I could hazard at a guess
And I'll call her now
But I'll give the wits a rest
And fall here now
I'll fall in love, not through it
Fall in love and not through it
In the web...

© 1993 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"We spent a really good session on this in Room 2 at Mr Grin, then polished it off at Walnut Bank in deepest Somerset on my 25th birthday. Paul's lessons were having a really positive effect on his playing and as his confidence grew he started to write these intricate basslines. This and Landslide were Paul's masterstroke and we had rediscovered the delights of the groove again. I guess the lyrics summed up the way I was seeing things at the time."

Chances R - The Web You Weave (Live)
Live at Bristol Mauretania, December 1993.

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