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(Jason Allen - 1993)

Sunburning my back
To a wall over eyes
For an eyeful of tears
On my soul doubt in certainty
Forced me to let you all go...
Where the imaging shows
What the fools never know
More than anything flown
Over mountains - won't climb then
And us as it's always been...
Is there anything left?
For some things will not fade
Beyond anything but
Whitewashed and cleaned of this
Mess me around
In an ultimate spin
From an intimate link
To control of the mind
How you go and don't speak
Of the lost summer week
And I'm weary of this all

Sunburning, sunburning
Sunburning my soul doubt in honesty
Sunburning, sunburning
Sunburning my soul...
I get sunburn

© 1993 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"This was basically the sound of musicians experimenting a bit. I'd written this stream of lyrics where the last word of one line forms the start of the next and so on. Paul had this bassline which worked in 3's and not 4's. Roy was learning all these Eastern modes and scales, Pete was layering washes into the soup, and John was always having lessons and improving, bringing new beats and ideas into the fray. So this was a strange one because of all that. We ended up making a Maori-style vocal loop on the sampler and starting the song with this almighty vocal round. When it worked it sounded superb but I tended to swear a bit too much when we did it live. Pity."

Chances R - Sunburning (Live)
Live at Bristol Mauretania, December 1993.

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