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Chances R >> Big Black Sky
(Jason Allen - 1993)

They cry with laughter but nothing's funny, not yet
The hands that tell me where the sun is
Reach beyond where I can see
Pulls shapes from skies so easily

And I learn, and I watch
And I'm waiting for the day to come
So I can tell the world
Just what it is you're missing

The world you'll save but you'll never die for
The big black sky's too high to try for
And even worse it gets discarded
All of this will be so void
And I laugh, with the God
And I'm falling from the clouds
Because you made it happen
(Because it has happened again)

The sea still tries to wear her down
But the rock is proud and still the ground
Up here in the big black sky
See painted faces run like mine

And I stand, and I count
Yeah I know just where it's coming from
But my lips are sealed
Just what it is you're missing

And I could answer every question
You will ever ask
But I'll let you ask some more
And hope one day there's an answer for
The things you've done so far
The things you all believe

© 1993 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"In the hands of the earlier version of the band, this would've been a punky anthem to rival This Time Tomorrow, but we hammed it up loads and turned it into a rock beast - it even had a waltz-time middle eight! It used to get played right at the end as an encore if we got one, when most people would have sooner heard us do Stomp. The words are kind of a concept where you get to drink a beer with God and he tells you everything that's going to happen, and how it could be avoided, but then tells you to keep quiet about it when you get back to earth. The Big Black Sky was a gathering storm that the population did their best to ignore."

Chances R - Big Black Sky (Live)
Live at Bristol Mauretania, December 1993.

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