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Chances R >> Desolate Moon
(Jason Allen - 1993)

You communicate tongue-tied, educate worldwide
Emulate God like you live in a dream
It's a corporate goldmine, intimate and wide-eyed
Desolate moon shines over me, and you

You got no-one
But you've got the sun

Is there a God here in disguise?
Could you open up my eyes?
Is there a place beyond the stars?
What do you think the chances are?

I've turned my back on this, I've lost the haunted kiss
Didn't need the things I miss 'cause they're here with me now
Wait 'till tomorrow comes, this changing face will all be done
I'll walk the world like I'm someone
Burned into my smile

They tried to understand the single ways through which I live
But when the lifeblood runs
It's sapping the strength that I need to give now
Got a new direction, for the people of your masses
Here in the firing line, the speeding bullet always passes

Desolate moon, desolate moon, desolate man
It's made of wax...

I still believe in love, down here and not above
I've lost the world I've won, but it's somewhere close to me now
No faith in what you see, your God won't bring me to my knees
I walk tall in times like these
It's burned into my smile

Everything changes when it's made of wax

© 1993 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"The first of the new batch after everything changed in 1993. We were told to stop gigging by Harry (Finegold - manager) and get a tighter set together, and I'd written this at home on the Atari. We copied the version I'd already demoed and it came to life, so much that we realised we were going to need a keyboardist to play it live. Roy switched to full-time guitar and we got Pete involved on keys. From here on in, everything was stadium-sized and Chances R, the jangly pop band was finished. The words are about shaking off rejection and rising from the ashes."

Chances R - Desolate Moon (Live)
Live at Bristol Mauretania, December 1993.

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