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(Jason Allen - 1992)

The man wants to know the number
The bride wants to skip the ring
In the corner lies the underdog
Waiting for the world to sing

In the Kingpit there is silence
In the Skylab there are dreams
Sunshine in the pages
Of the ones that are never seen

And in the night the plane is landing
Somewhere over the hill
And in the morning everything changes
But the mad-man's living still
In the Kingpit, in the Kingpit

The monkey wants to know the answer
Who put the link in there?
Someone falls but the ground is gone
And he's waiting in the air

We three kings will stay where we are
We see no need to go that far
And we three kings will stay where we've roamed
We see no need to go back home

In the Kingpit, in the Kingpit
In the Kingpit, in the Kingpit

© 1992 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"Various members of the band used to fly out to Lanzarote for a couple of weeks each winter to drink the island dry and play covers in Charlie's Bar. Outside the apartments was a strange 8-feet-deep hole in the ground which we took to calling the Kingpit, for some unknown reason. It was hard to climb out of it! The words are about the whole 'live fast - die fast' attitude that we'd subscribe to once or twice a year. The monkey is meant to be saying 'hang on a minute, you're saying we evolved into that?!' The unlicensed sample at the start of the recorded version came from a Wonderstuff CD."

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