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(Jason Allen - 1992)

I was here before
Drowning in the solitude of shadows
Nursing all the ghosts of my faded past
I was there - I know

I was loved before
Swimming in the love she gave me
Rejoicing in the face of my ghosted past
I was there - it shows
And I know, I know, I know

All she ever knew
It was me
All I ever wanted
She was new, she was new

I am loved again
Flying in the skies of freedom
Disposing of the walls, what jaded past?
I am here, I know
And I know, I know, I know

© 1992 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"This song was hanging around for six months before we finally played it live. Paul suggested that we write another ballad to replace Staring At Clouds and this was the result. I'd written the lyrics on a beer mat in the New Inn in my home town, hence the title. A rare moment of happiness in the lyrics - boy meets girl and everything works out fine forever! Roy added some mellow piano to this tune when he joined and because of that it stuck around for quite a long time in the set."

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