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Chances R >> Wishing It Out
(Jason Allen - 1992)

I'm just mixed up
I'm just taken apart
A hundred sculptured faces
Face mine

I'm just crying now
I'm just wishing it out
Lost in the playgrounds brightness
Play mine

She could just know how I'm feeling now
She could just know about this confusion
I still know where all this came from
But I cannot reach anymore
I'm just wishing it out
I'm just wishing it out

I'm just lovesick
I'm just spoilt for choice
"Which way now?" she'll ask me
Try mine

I'm just mixed up
I'm just taking the parts
A hundred gleaming faces
Face mine...

© 1992 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"The great Chances R lost song! We started to understand the concept of dynamics with this tune. It used to spring into life in places, quite a powerful song with a catchy little chorus too. We only ever played it live once because Kingpit and Words Unspoken came along and forced it into the reserve team. The lyrics are about that rare commodity - being spoilt for choice, having not one but five cakes and eating the lot."

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