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(Jason Allen - 1992)

"Freedom", she said, "Lies under the sky..."
Where answers are viewed with a primitive eye
I'd take you there if I was given the time
But it slips away as if it never was mine..."

Why don't you do something?
Why don't you do something?
Why don't you do something high?

There's a woman in a city somewhere under the sea
And she's looking at the people in you and me
She's got a pocket-full of promises for us to break
And a lifetime of heroes that we'll imitate

I don't wanna be where you want me to be
There's an anger burning inside of me
And it tells me when the time is looking right to choose
When there is freedom to gain and there is nothing to lose

High, high, high
High, high, high

© 1992 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"This was never about drugs - it was about with doing something because you want to, not because you're told to. The female referred to in the words was some kind of seer that was keeping her thoughts to herself in the hope that the 'subject' would find out for themselves. We had the sketch of a great chorus here but we were hell-bent on writing as much new stuff as we could at this stage, so too many songs were never really finished."

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