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(Jason Allen / Allison Shortman - 1991)

Come with me, let me take you to the City of Gold
Take my hand, I'll show you heat inside the bitterest cold
Believe in you, for every loser there's a winner at heart
Come with me, there's a dream and there is time to start

Fall with me, there's a place where the animals dance
Open your eyes, it might be worth it if we give it a chance
Reach and be reached, you'll never know it if you leave it to fate
Dream and be seen, inside the outside is a person in wait

City of Gold is where you feel it
City of Gold is where the heart is
City of Gold is where you're looking for the answer
City of Gold...

Don't look back, there is no reason to be living the past
On with the show, we all depend on the things that we have
Reach and be reached, you'll only know it if you give it a shot
The fortunate dream, is the one where you believe in your lot

© 1991 Ascension Music / Copyright Control

Jason says...
"Allison (Shortman - original manager) had written some of these lyrics and I finished them off. We gave this song to Adrian (Shipp - initial vocalist) and he had trouble doing anything with it. I think that was the start of the end for Ade. Top chap though! The words are about self-belief and having faith in something, a topic that was revisited on Never Felt Like This Before."

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