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(Jason Allen - 1992)

You've been looking at me like that for hours
You've been saying how love's a crumbling tower
You keep wanting some action
You keep wanting the action 'round here
And I keep saying how everybody's loooking like they want some

You wanna move it on out
Why don't you get your wheels on?
Now that I'm in with a shout
I couldn't care at all
But if you want to leave then I won't follow
If you want to go this time tomorrow

I've been here now for about an hour
You haven't said a word and I think it's catching
You don't wanna discuss it
I don't wanna be part of it
And we don't wanna be any part of our lives...
And that's fine by me

We've all been here for quite a while now
We've been saying everything
There's tears of joy
On the faces of the people in their shells
Everybody could break out
Everybody could open it up and
I'm still saying how everybody's looking like they want some
(Need some, got some, love some...)

This time tomorrow - I'll be on my way
This time tomorrow - I'll be leaving on a plane
This time tomorrow - all the skies will turn to blue
This time tomorrow - there'll be nothing left of you at all

© 1992 Ascension Music

Jason says...
"Possibly our finest moment, everyone knew this song when we played it live. Our first 'single', first real sign of potential. I'd just levered myself out of a going-nowhere relationship and this was the sound of freedom being claimed. The third verse is about staying up all night talking at a friend's house in Somerset, and realising that I was in a room full of new faces and that we were all breaking out of our shackles and having fun."

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