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(Jason Allen / Adrian Shipp - 1991)

You better tell me what you mean
When you look at me with those eyes
My mind's racing in a thousand dreams
In every one of them I call you mine

Why don't you stroll near and take a peek?
Why don't you wipe the tears from off my cheek?
I ask you lend an ear to what I say
I hold you twice as near so you can ask me, ask me
Here today, here today

I only wanted you to see my point
You fought your war and now you're fighting me
We can't return so we look ahead
Between the lines there isn't much to read

You better look into this vacant stare
When you travel down this road again
My mind's racing in a thousand scenes
In every one of them I drown in pain

© 1991 Ascension Music / Copyright Control

Jason says...
"I inherited the first verse and the chorus from Adrian (Shipp - initial vocalist) and had to write the other two verses. This was the first tune the band ever wrote. We opened our first gig with this song, all bluster and energy. It got exhumed for the 'farewell' gig in 1995, one of only 3 songs to travel all the way with us."

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